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See below for the description of just some of the breakout sessions at

The "Big Dream" Conference

Friday, October 27 - Sunday, October 29, 2017, on Pawley's Island.

Click on http://www.myscwa.org/2017-conference/ 

for additional details!

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While others within the SCWA are expending great efforts organizing and now 

registering attendees for the Fall writers conference (The "Big Dream"), my main 

effort has been focused on communications.  I have stepped back to reexamine the 

expectations of both the membership and the SCWA itself, to reinforce the primary 

for our conversations.  Your SCWA member volunteers who stepped up to assume 

responsibilities on the Board of Directors have now filled those roles necessary to 

move the organization forward.

Like you, each board member has full life obligations, as well as the desire to be 

betters writers.  In addition to that, they give of their precious time to help 

manage the focus areas of the SCWA.  At present, the board is only one-deep.  

These efforts need committee participation to accomplish our goals.  

However, the number of people offering to participate in focus areas

at committee level is almost non-existent. I urge you to re-examine your

schedule and find areas where your skill set could help the SCWA provide 

its members with the kind of support we all expect.  With internet activity like Skype, 

Google Hangout, and others, it is far easier to offer your services.

The board has been invited to join chapter meetings to allow face-to-face

communications.  Our first joint meeting is now being planned for June 

in the Columbia area.  Since the board is required to meet quarterly according to 

our bylaws, that will allow for two more joint chapter-board meetings in 2017.  

Although the bylaw requirements are for quarterly board meetings, 

in light of re-energized efforts we are meeting electronically each month.

We need not delay 90 days to reach out to each other.

     Here are efforts you might consider supporting:




     Editorial Reviews

     Website Support

     Social Media Communications


     Agent/Publisher Contact

Share your skills and ideas for a better SCWA.

Email the board at scwabod2017@gmail.com and let us know.

Robert F. Lackey
President, Board of Directors for the
South Carolina Writers Association



The Arts Council of York County (SC) presents its 14th Annual Literary Competition, highlighting the best in short stories and poetry from across the Southeast United States.  Entry deadline is September 1, 2017.



SCWA seeks submissions:

Our members have been asking, and we are now pleased to take this step forward. 

The SCWA is soliciting creative short fiction, flash fiction, poetry and essays of 500 words or less.  Each month all work submitted will be judged by members of the SCWA board.

Please send your entries in a word document to SCWWQUILL@gmail.com


SCWA Twitter Handle - The SCWA now has a Twitter account, our handle is @scwritersassoc   Be sure to follow us!


"The Big Dream" Conference 

Saturday, 10/28-  9:00 – 9:45  

Breakout Session—

The First Impression: How to Attract Agents With Your Query. 
Agent, Annie Hwang. A query is an agent’s first impression of you and your project. Find out how to make sure your query is as strong as it can be. We’ll be covering everything from the anatomy of a query to query etiquette. You’ll learn exactly what agents look for in a query and how to make sure your query stands a cut above the rest.



  • My Favorite Instructional Writing Book...
  • Columbia III chapter member Ray Foy suggested that our membership be queried for their favorite instructional book, by genre.  Here are some of the answers we got:
Fiction:  from Thomas Moore of our Aiken Chapter:  "Self-editing for Fiction Writers," by Renni Browne and Dave King.  "One of the best of it's type," per Thomas.

Fiction:  from Adrienne Mattues, Greenville chapter and SCWA Board member:  "The Art of Fiction," John Gardner.  per Adrienne, "Has been the best book on writing I've ever read."  "It deals more with theory than with the practical, but is deeply rewarding, particularly on the subjects of symbolism."


Fantasy and Science Fiction:  per John Aldrich, member of our Camden chapter.  Orson Scott Card  "Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction," and "Character and Viewpoint." John says they are older, but excellent.

General: Surfside chapter and SCWA Board member Amber Bacon feels, "The Kite and the String" by Alice Mattison is amazing.  It's the best book on writing that I've read in a while."