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The South Carolina Writers Assocation is pleased to announce that

"The Petigru Review" 

and The Carrie McCray Awards

are open for submissions

from April 1 - May 31, 2017.

A quote from new TPR assistant editor Amber Wheeler Bacon 

Give us your best work.

Inspire and/or destroy us.

Make us feel something.

Surprise us.

Details are posted on the website-

SCWA Quill



<Editor's note:  The SCWA Board President's comments are bold and in italics.>

There are formal bylaws of the SCWA. They are readily available on our website, and I encourage you to read them. Article I proclaims the name and Article II states our purpose.


Article II



The purpose of the South Carolina Writers Association shall be as follows:


(a)     To develop, administer, and operate programs designed to foster and improve the writing talents of its Members and the literary arts communities of South Carolina.


(b)    To provide a creative environment in which the Members can present on a regular basis manuscripts for critique by the Organization.


In addition to the two statements above, I (Robert) recognize that we have broader expectations than that. I have recently reached out to chapter leaders asking input from members, so we can see our membership expectations afresh, and build annual goals around those expectations. I have received some, and look forward to robust communications.


Ultimately, we wish to be published. I propose a third paragraph for Article II that reads:


(c) To provide members with informational sources and introductions to enhance their understanding and opportunities for publication, agent searches and marketing.


The board is empowered to amend the bylaws, and this has already been shared among us for discussion. However, I want to take the opportunity to share it with the membership to get a sense of your thoughts about the statement.


Your board is comprised of volunteers who, like you, pursue writing often in spite of life’s other demands. We wish to perform well and pursue goals that benefit the growth of us all – writers. The board continues to meet monthly via electronic means and plan quarterly face-to-face meetings. Meeting minutes will be showing up in the Quill. Our March meeting was in Columbus. I recently received a request that some of us participate in chapter meetings and we intend to do that when possible. In the meantime, please send your thoughts and ideas to


Thank you,

Robert F. Lackey

President, Board of Directors for the
South Carolina Writers Association


Full Scholarships Available for The "Big Dream" Conference

SCWA is offering two full scholarships providing. One scholarship is open to all residents of South Carolina citizens and students attending SC colleges, and one is open ONLY to SCWA members. Note: If you win the scholarship after paying for the conference, you will be reimbursed for any costs.

Full Scholarship Package includes:

  • ·         Two (2) nights lodging at The Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort, 14276 Ocean      Hwy, Pawleys Island, SC 29585 (843) 237-3000.
  • ·         Friday evening welcome reception dinner & The Petigru Review launch party.
  • ·         Saturday afternoon luncheon.
  • ·         Your choice of up to six (6) workshop classes out of eighteen (18).
  • ·         Two (2) panel discussions.
  • ·         Sunday continental breakfast & annual SCWA Member Meeting. 


Chapter Highlight - Aiken

The Aiken Chapter of the SCWA loves talking about our individual journeys. If it's writing related, it may not always be fun but it's always worth sharing.

            One of my favorite parts of Aiken's SCWA is at the start of each meeting, we have Snaps & Congrats; a quick check-in of any exciting news from each of the members. Our members are wildly diverse, and sometimes just wild. Every person is in a different genre, with a unique writing career goal, and surprisingly inventive ways of getting their work out into the world. It's awesome how much inspiration, tingly teen angst, and bizarre raunchy pasta recipes you can glean listening to what other members are up to. Whether tossing out helpful hints on taming their muse or musing on clever marketing strategies they've tried in the past, almost every meeting is an educational cornucopia.

            Building new readership and sharing expertise with the local community? Perhaps, like J.A. Lyons, you took your southern gothic coming of age novel ("Sweet Chariots") to the Aiken CoEd Book Club to discuss the importance of setting and character development.  That's awesome!

            Or maybe while prepping for your second novel's debut, you took a page from M.B. Gibson, Aiken's Chapter President, and tirelessly searched for unique new online resources until you found the Indie Author Fringe ( Super helpful, thanks! Check this out, it really is spectacular.

            There are so many examples: RoseLee beautifully utilizing a pinch of Comic Book composition to keep the reader's eye engaged; Will mixing genres and styles, while drawing on his willingness to show vulnerability in his songwriting; Kathy consolidating into a single linear book the hodge-podge of hundreds of family stories passed down to her. It's all very interesting.

            Even if your big accomplishment for the month was finishing that tricky scene at the end of page seven which had been giving you hell (sic) since the last meeting--ahem--sorry, that one was me.

            Every little triumph, every failure, is shared and that is such a boon for we solitary keyboard-tapping hermits so often lost in our own little mind-caves near those blank-screen rivers and self-isolating forests. There are a thousand ways being part of this group has enhanced my writing and how I think about my process, and increased my circle of friends. I'm thankful for all of them.

            Having a great group of people who are happy at your minor triumphs and successful mini-goals, and those whom you can also be excited for, is a wonderful gift and makes me love this group more than I can type.

            - Ken Doyle, Aiken Chapter SCWA

Member Chatter

Beaufort-  Stephanie Austin Edwards, 2017 Short Story America Contest - Honorable Mention for Short Story, "On Oyster Island."  She is also teaching a writing critique class for the Pat Conroy Literary Center on April 4, 11,18 and 25.

Estelle Ford Williams, 2017 Short Story Ameica Contest finalist for "Between, Georgia."

Martha Weeks, Best Manuscript Submission, Atlanta Writers Conference, November 8-9, 2013.  Short Story "Flight," in the Petrgru Review 2015, volume 19.

Jim Grady, Two of Jim's poems, "Left with Winter," and, "I Imagine You as Jasmine," were published in The Petigru Review of the Sounth Carolina Writers Association, SCWA.

Doris Wright won runner-up awards for Flash Fiction in "WOW" , Women on Writing, an online journal.  "You Can See," and "As if I Could Forget."

Paul Steele's Short Story - "Grandfathers Voice" finished as a semi-finalist in The Pirates Alley Falkner Society, Short Story category of the "2016 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition."

Columbia II-

Three of Bonnie Stanard’s poems were accepted for publication in “The Human Touch,” an anthology published by the Anschutz Medical Campus community at the University of Colorado (link below)  The journal provides an opportunity for artists and writers to address health concerns.  The 2017 issue will be released in late April.

Stanard wrote about her father's heart attacks, his eventual death and dreams that accused her of not helping him in his moment of greateset need.  One poem is about her mother's brother who died at age 16 from a grand mal seizure. 


Laura Valtorta's documentary, "Water Women" is online and avaiable for viewing and voting at . Click on "Watch at the top of the screen, search for "Water Women".

Lexington-  Brenda Gable will be teaching six, one- hour classes each Thursday on Creative Writing  Classes will be held at the Shepherds Center of Lexington, beginning on April 20th.

Rock Hill- Donna Wylie was a featured reader at An Afternoon of Poetry and Prose on March 12, at the York County Arts Council.  She read selections from her fisnished manuscript, "Dark Corner of War," and shared her writing journey of 12 years in writing a biography of her uncle, Charles Sumpter Wylie, who was killed in World War II.

Spartanburg-  Carol-Ann Rudy, won an Honorable Mention for her story, "Purple on Asphalt" in the 2017 Short Story America contest It is the first short story that she has ever written other than children's picture book stories.  One of her poems, "Miami Cold," appeared in the 2015 issue of The Petigru Review; Her poem, artwork and a list of current projects at her website


Our members have been asking, and we are now pleased to take this step forward. 

The SCWA is soliciting creative short fiction, flash fiction, poetry and essays of 500 words or less.  Each month all work submitted will be judged by members of the SCWA board.

Please send your entries in a word document to

The South Carolina Writers Association Board of Directors is pleased to share two scholarship opportunities at "The Frost Place."

One scholarship is for emerging African-American poets, and is for "The Frost Place Poetry Seminar."
One scholarship is for the conference "The Frost Place Conference on Poetry."

Please visit the website for details.

Board Member Highlight-

The SCWA Board is pleased to welcome new Board member Amber Wheeler Bacon.  Amber is an MFA candidate in the Bennington Writing Seminars.  She's a middle school writing teacher and reading and writing curriculum coach at a public Montessori school in Pawleys Island.  She writes short stories and is working on a novel and a novella.  She spends as much time as she can reading and walking on the beach.

Come Join Us at Litchfield Beach!

The "Big Dream," Conference

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Meet our Agents:

Peter Steinberg

Peter Steinberg has represented numerous New York Times bestsellers (including three #1 New York Times bestsellers and clients have been nominated for or awarded Edgars, The Puliutzer Prize, The Story Prize, The Paris Review Discovery Prize, PEN/Faulkner and National Book Awards.  His list includes narrative non-fiction, commercial and literary fiction, memior, health, history, lifestyle, humor, sorts and young adult.   Several of his authors have had their books made into major motion pictures, including Towelhead and I Love You Phillip Morris

Peter began his agenting career as an assistant at Donadio & Ashworth in 1996, where he was fortunate enough to assist many great writers, including Mario Puzo, Peter Matthiessen, Edward Gorey, Cathleen Schine, Robert Stone and Chuck Palahniuk.  He has sold books for a couple agencies since and then ran a namesake shop for several years before joining Foundry.

Peter is a graduate of NYU film school and worked briefly in the film business and was a screenwriter prior to becoming a literary agent.

 Kerry D’Agostino joined Curtis Brown, Ltd. in 2011 as assistant to Tim Knowlton and Holly Frederick in the Film and Television Department. Before Curtis Brown, she received her certificate in publishing from the Columbia Publishing Course, her masters in Art in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and her bachelors from Bowdoin College, where she majored in English, minored in Education and gained a lifelong appreciation for the importance of commitment to the common good. Kerry currently assists Peter Ginsberg, handles audio rights for Peter and Katherine Fausset, and is actively seeking literary fiction and upmarket commercial fiction that is voice driven, accessible, and authentic. Above all, she is drawn to work that either introduces her to something new or makes her see something old in a new way. Kerry grew up in Manhasset, New York and lives in Brooklyn with her husband.

Annie Hwang represents a range of fiction for adults and select nonfiction projects. She gravitates towards literary fiction with commercial appeal, and feels particularly drawn to braided narratives and layered plots, especially when populated by complex characters with deep emotional resonance. Commercially, she’s looking for both upmarket historical fiction and visceral literary thrillers that depart from the norm of the genre. The most important thing to her, beyond concept or pitch, is breathtaking storytelling that stretches its genre to new heights. A California native, Annie worked in journalism before making the transition to the publishing world, where she digs for stories that keep her reading late into the night and stay with her long after she puts them down. 


 a life long obsession with books, a career in business management/ownership including bookstores and community writing centers, and a few years with small presses in an editorial 

After a life long obsession with books, a career in business management/ownership including bookstores and community writing centers, and a few years with small presses in an editorial capacity, Michelle Johnson is now in her fourth year as a literary agent, where she represents many NYT Bestsellers, debut authors, and indie authors alike.

The face of publishing is ever-changing, and bending and shifting with the times and staying ahead of the curve are key for Michelle and her agency, Inklings Literary Agency.

Michelle is actively seeking books with diversity, and authors with diverse backgrounds. She’s a strong advocate for equality across the board.

In adult, NA, and YA, she looks for Contemporary, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Horror, Fantasy and light Sci-Fi. She also will look at the occasional MG if it has a phenomenal hook and voice.